Bidet For Toilet Attachment

*Model NO.: AB200SCA-B
*Type: Non electric Hot and Cold Bidet
*Nozzle: Single Nozzle
*Knob: Chroming Knob, water pressure control
*Internal Material: All Brass Valve Housing
*Sales Markets: Except North America
*Lead Time: 25-35 days
*OEM: Yes, free artwork
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Product Details

Aquatown Original Design High Quality Bidet For Toilet Attachment With Water Temperature Adjustable AB200SCA-B

AB200SCA-B is our Original Non electric Hot and Cold Bidet. Using water pressure only, this non electric bidet is no require any batteries and electricities. Eco-friendly, saving much Toilet Paper to reduce the consumption of trees. Easy installation than the electric one, just need a wrench and unscrewdriver, follow the instruction. You just take around 15-30 mins to install a bidet for toilet attachment.  Water temperature can be adjusted, give you a comfortable and hygiene experience in cold winter. 

Features of Bidet for Toilet Attachment

bidet  toilet.jpg

--Single nozzle for butt cleaning;

--Nozzle self-cleaning and retractable;

--The angle of nozzle can be adjusted;

--Water temperature can be controlled;

--Water pressure can be easily adjusted;

--Fits into 90% toilets and easy install.

--Come with the all accessories you need.

Our Advantages of Bidet Attachment

Aquatown flow valve.jpg

--All Brass Material for Flow Valve

We use the New Technology for bidet interal construction. Compared to the old complex construction, we use the integrative construction, which will greatly decrease the leaks of water. Also, we use the ALL BRASS Material for Flow Valve. It was sealed by Laser to derease the leaking rate by 99%. We are the ONLY supplier who possess this New Technology.

--Original Single Nozzle Spray

We use the safe material for nozzle. Nozzle self-cleaning will keep the nozzle clean all  the time. The nozzle will retracted when no in use to keep it clean. Nozzle removable, the angle can be adjusted by your hand. Sometimes the water spray too high or too short and it is not easy to re-install the bidet attachment. Our removable nozzle can be adjusted according to your personal requirements. 


High Quality Optional Accessories 

We can provide you the Plastic or Brass T-adaptor, the different sizes can fit into different markets. 

Plastic or Braided Hose can meet your requirements, optional length and sizes. 

We also can provide you some another optional accessories: Wrench, plumbing tape, Rubber wahser and so on.OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES.jpg

Fits Into Most One Piece And Two Pieces Toilets

toilets fits.jpg

Production & Packing of Aquatown Bidets 



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