Bidet FAQs

Bidet attachment question 13: started badly leaking from the bidet body

Possible reasons:

1) The valve core was broken, which cannot control the water flow;

2) The valve body was broken.


Possible solution:

1)  We Aquatown Manufacturer are using high-pressure valves for bidet attachment. The valves were made of CERMAIC & BRASS, which can stand up the high water pressure.

Ceramic Valve.jpg

Ceramic valve

valves for bidet.jpg

Ceramic and metal valves

2) We created a new construction for valve housing—Unibody Plastic valve housing and Brass valve housing. The new construction is straight and simple, which will decrease the leaking rate sharply. This technology is our PATENTED DESIGN.

3) Especially for ALL BRASS valve housing, it was sealed by laser, which can decrease the leaking rate by 99%.

Aquatown flow valve.jpg