Bidet FAQs

Bidet attachment question 3: The T adapter is leaky

t adapters for bidets.jpg

Possible reasons:

1) Missing the black rubber washer;

2) The tapered rubber washer is not be installed correctly;

3) There is a mismatch in the threading;

4) The t-adapter threads were cross-threaded or stripped during installation;

5) The t-adapter is not be tightened well, especially for the metal t-adapters.

6) The plastic t-adapter was over tightened and the plastic connector attached to the bidet was broken.


Cold bidet attachmetn AB500SC-P.jpg

Possible solutions:

1) Make sure that the black washer is inside;

2) Make sure that the tapered washer is seated flat side down on the top connection of the t-adapter;

3) Ask for a right t-adapter from supplier;

4) Ask for a good t-adapter from supplier;

5) Using a wrench to tighten the metal t-adapter or wrap the t-adapter in Teflon tape;

6) Just use your hand to tighten the plastic t-adapter.

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