Bidet FAQs

The definition and daily maintenance of bidet attachment


1. The definition of bidet attachment: 

The bidet attachment has the function of flushing the lower body part of the body and can be used as a toilet seat and used with the toilet. (The body cleaner industry is involved in the development of bathroom bidet standards.)

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2. Daily maintenance of the bidet attachment: 

1) Clean the outside of the machine with a semi-dry cloth, including the shell, seat cover, seat surface and bottom. Bidet attachment maintenance Daily recuperation Pull the nozzle out gently and use a toothbrush to clean the nozzle. (Recommended to clean once a month)

2) At present, a good bidet does not need to be pulled out by hand. This is not hygienic. It is only necessary to press the button on the keypad to extend the nozzle itself for cleaning.

3) When you go out, the plug is disconnected and the plug (the front of the bottom of the tank) is removed to drain the tank.

4) When cleaning, the appearance of dirty or bad clean, you can stick with neutral lotion, do not use strong lotion. In winter, keep the temperature in the toilet at 3 degrees or more to avoid ice in the tank.

5) Avoid direct sunlight to avoid discoloration.

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