Bidet FAQs

The Features of Bidet Attachment

The features of bidet attachment:

bidet attachment.jpg

1. General flushing: the bidet attachment can provide hot & cold water on your request, and it is used to clean the human body before the bowel, save labor, and clean after toilet.

2, for women: Independent 7 holes nozzle designed specifically for women, nozzle porous to clean the lower parts of women.

3, slow down the cover: the use of imported damping device, landing uniform, can be easily lifted, fast press does not rebound, no noise and durable.

4. Self-cleaning nozzle: When the nozzle is extended and retracted, turn the knob to'' nozzle clean '' postion, the nozzle will clean by itself.

5, water temperature adjustment: Press the knob to control the temperature of the flushing water.

6, nozzle adjustment: just use your hand to slightly move the nozzle on your request before and after the water position. Makes cleaning more comfortable.

7, water pressure regulation: turning the knob to different level to get the water pressure you need.

8, non electricity: using water pressure only, you don't need any extra electricity or battery. 

9, children's function: designed specifically for children with a gentle wash function, care for children's delicate skin at the same time play a healthy sterilization effect.