Bidet FAQs

Why use a bidet?

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The benefits of using bidet attachments:

1. Cleanliness--washing is clean, experience "the healthy enjoyment of flushing and washing";

2. Constipation - in-depth anorectal, Run flush, soften stools, detoxification;

3. Women - lower body cleaning, convenient and timely cleaning to prevent gynecological diseases;

4. Acne - Carrion, residue, germs, etc. are cleaned together to reduce the growth of germs;

5. The elderly - caring for the elderly, solving the problems of the elderly, and building the self-confidence of the elderly;

6. The body cleaner can improve the taste of the bathroom, and the golden rule raises the awareness of personal health and scientific defecation. It is an inevitable product of social progress and development.

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