Bidet Toilet Hot and Cold

*Left-handed toilet bidet
*Water temperature control
*Single nozzle, retractable and movable
*All brass material for valve housing
*Min. order quantity is 500pcs
*OEM & ODM can be accepted
*Included everything for an easy install
*Requires NO electricity or plumbing
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Product Details

Original Design Left-handed Bidet Toilet Hot and Cold from Aquatown Manufacturer ALB900SCA-P

How to use a Non electric bidet attachment?

install bidet.jpg

Step 1:

1). Turn off the water supply

2). Empty the water water of the tank

3). Unscrew the existing toilet seat


Step 2:

1). Clean the toilets seat

2). Put a bidet attachment on to the toilet seat

3). Adjust the mounting plates to a suitable position


Step 3: 

1). Put the toilet seat back

2). Screw the toilet seat


Step 4:

1). Disconnect the existing water supply hose

2). Screw the cold water T-adaptor to the threaded stem at the bottom of your toilet tank

3).Reattached your water supply hose to the cold water T-adaptor

4). Attach the one of hose( cold water ) to the side stem of the T-adaptor

5). Turn off the hot water supply valve, screw the hot water T-adaptor to the threaded stem.

6). Reattached your hot water supply hose to the T-adaptor



1). Attached the hose to to the cold water threaded stem on the back of the bidet attachment

2). Attached the hose( hot water ) to the hot water threaded stem on the back of the bidet attachment

Features of left-handed warm water bidet attachment ALB9000SCA-P

bidet warm water ALB9000SCA-P.jpg

1) For Left-handed Users--This hot and cold bidet is for left-handed people use, because it can be installed in the left side of your toilets. The installation is same with the right bidet attachment.

2) Warm Water Bidet--This model can be connected to the hot water source, the water temperature can be adjusted accordingly. 

3) Water Pressure Control--You can turn the Knob to control the water pressure. The water pressure is high in some area, so it is better for you to turn just a quarter turn first time to try the water pressure.

4) Chroming Surface and High-pressure Valves--We use the chrome knob instead of plastic, it looks more modern and luxury. Also, we use ceramic and metal valves, which can withstand the high water pressure.

5) Single Nozzle Spray--The 4 holes nozzle spray will give you a hygiene experience, comfortable for your butt cleaning.

6) Nozzle Self-cleaning-- Just turn the knob to the position of '' nozzle clean'' after/before use a bidet. It is good for you to keep the bidet and toilet clean.

7) Adjustable Plate--Our hot and cold bidet can fit into most of one piece and two piece toilets. Unscrew the toilet seat, and adjust the round plate to put the bidet in the right position.


Left-handed hot bidet.jpg

Why Choose Aquatown Factory Bidet Attachment?


1) We use our Patented Design--Unibody Valve Housing. The construction of stem is integrative and simple, the water inlet can fit into flexible hose and plastic tubes. The old design is complex, and the water inlet just can fit into plastic tube.

2) We use the durable plastic material for the valve housing, decrease the leak of water greatly.

3) We use the ceramic and metal valves, which can withstand the high water pressure. Especially suitable for American and Canadian markets.

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