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*Model NO.: ALB900DC-B
*Type: Left-handed Hot and Cold Bidet
*Payment Term: Only 30% Deposit
*Min. Order Quantity: 500pcs
*Lead Time: It just needs 25 days
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Best Bidet Attachment Hot and Cold ALB9000DC-B 

This model ALB 9000DC-B is our left hand hot and cold bidet. It is non-electric, mechanical and economic bidet attachment for left hand use. Most of hot and cold bidet attachment is right-handed, we are the only supplier who have the left handed bidet in China. For some of toilets are close to the tank and there is no enough space  for bidet to install in the right side. Also, some people are left-handed. This left hand hot and cold bidet is the same functions and installation with right handed bidets.  Dual nozzles, one is for women frontal cleaning. Nozzle self-cleaning and retractable.  The angle of nozzle can be adjusted according to your requirements. Come to contact us about the left hand hot and cold bidet ALB9000DC-B.

1. Production of Left Hand Hot and Cold Bidet ALB 9000DC-P


Left HandedALB 9000DC-P
Nozzle Number3
Nozzle CleaningYes
Nozzle adjustableNo, nozzle is fixed.
Hot Water SupplyYes, hot water temperature can be adjusted.
Knob MaterialChroming instead of plastic
Valve MaterialCeramic and mental
Valve Housing MaterialUnibody Brass valve housing

2. Wht use a  Left Hand Hot and Cold Bidet?

3. Detailed Information of the Left Hand Toilet Attachment Bidet




1) Chroming Control Knob and Surfaceknob and surface 

Adjustable chroming knobs instead of plastic knobs, they look more luxury and modern. Knob of cold and hot option, men or women wash, nozzle self-cleaning, make you have a heathy and hygiene experience.

2) High Qulaity All Brass Valve Housing

We use our patented design-Unibody valve housing. The valve made of all brass material, which was sealed by laser. It decrease the leaks of water by 99%.

dual nozzles (2).JPG

3) High Qulity Valve

The high-pressure valve made of ceramic and mental, it can withstand the high water pressure in some countries, such as Canada, America and so on.

4)  Dual Nozzle for Hot and Cold Water Control

This left handed hot and cold bidet has two nozzles, one is for female frontal cleaning. The water spray is gentle and soft, comfortable for pregnant, kids and elder people. Nozzle self-cleaning and nozzle retractable give you a fresh experience.

4. Fitting of Left Hand Hot and Cold Bidet ALB9000DC-B.

This model is left handed bidet, so it will be installed in the left side of toilet. It can fits most of one piece and two piece of toilets. Everything you need for installation was included in the box, accessories and manual instructions. The left hand hot and cold bidet will be installed by using wrench and screwdriver. It just needs around 15 minutes. 

toilets fits.jpg

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