Bidet Temperature

*Model NO.: ALB9000SCA-P
*Type: Left-handed bidet temperature
*Nozzle: Single Movable Nozzle
*Payment Term: TT30% before production, TT70% before shipment
*Lead Time: 20-35 days for the first order.
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Product Details

Aquatown Original Design Bidet Temperature for Left-Handed Use   ALB9000SCA-P

1. Features of Left-handed Bidet Temperature

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--With The Control On The Left Side. This bidet temperature is with the control on the left side. If there isn't room between the toilet and a cabinet on the right side,  this model can be installed in the left side. 

--Water Pressure Control. The water pressure can be controlled by using the control knob. For the first use, you'd better to turn a quarter turn to try the water pressure. 

--Nozzle Self-cleaning and Retractable. Nozzle will clean itself and retracts when not in use for maximum protection. Ensuring that the highest level of sanitation

--Movable Nozzles. The angle of nozzle can be adjusted according to your requirements. 

--Water Temperature Adjustment.  You can easily adjust the temperature as per your needs.

--Mounting Adjustable Brackets. Our bidet temperature can fits most of one piece and all kinds of two pieces toilets. The adjustable brackets will provide you a wide installation's range. 

--Chroming Surface and Knobs. We use the chroming surface and knobs instead of plastic one, it looks more modern and luxury. 

2. Specification of Bidet Temperature ALB9000SCA-P



Model NO.ALB9000SCA-P
TypeBidet Temperature
Color White
NozzleSingle nozzle, retractable and movable
FunctionsAdjustable water temperature
Valve HousingUnibody High Quality Plastic Valve Housing
Main MaterialABS Plastic
Packaging for   bidets1 bidet/inner box, 10 bidets/carton
Item Weight0.9KG
FittingMost one piece and any two pieces toilets
Bateries   Required? No

3. Why Choose Aquatown Bidet Temperature ALB9000SCA-P?

--Patented Design--Unibody Plastic or Brass Valve Housing. Compared to another supplier, our construction for valve housing is integrative and simple. This constructions will greatly decrease the leakage of water, no leaking is the basis. Also, we innovate the ALL BRASS material for valve. It was sealed by laser, the stronger construction will decrease the leaks as well.


--For Left Hand Using.  Many guys are looking for a bidet attachment for left-handed use on Amazon, but it is difficult to find a left-handed bidet.  We are the ONLY supplier who have Left-handed Toilet Bidets. For some toilets are close to the right side wall, so there is no enough rooom to install a bidet. Our left-handed toilet bidet attachment allows you to install the bidet in the left side and for left-handed person use. 


FAQs of Aquatown Left-handed Bidet Temperature ALB9000SCA-P

--Do you need to purchase anything elseto connect this to the water supply? Do you need a plumber?

Ruby: You just need a wrench and unscrewdriver to install our bidet. The installation is very easy and you can follow up the simple instructions. We think you don't need to have a plumber.

--Is there a model with the controls on the left side?

Ruby: Yes, our model ALB9000SCA-P can be installed in the left side.

--Does this model come with a cap to cap off hot water input?

Ruby: Yes, we will provide you a hot water seal.

--Does this model can provide warm water?

Ruby: Yes, the water temperature can adjusted according to your requirements.

--How does this heat the water?

Ruby: The warm water comes from a hot water line.

--I have a very limited space and would like to know how much cleanrance I need to install this. The toilet seat sits right against the wall.

Ruby: Our ALB9001SCA is for Left-handed people use, it will be installed in the right side.

--Does this fit one piece toilet?

Ruby: It depends on the style of one piece toilet seat. If the area around the back of the bowl is wider and average or has side gussets, it wouldn't fit. 

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