Are Bidet Becoming More Popular?

Are Bidet Becoming More Popular?

Left-handed cold toilet bidet

According to the largest bidet maker in the United States, Kohler says yes, especially for the elderly. If you have an arthritis or footache (which means you may have time to bathe or correct twist to properly wipe) on the toilet) The bidet can provide good personal hygiene.

There is also a theory that the use of a bidet may help prevent the URINARY TRACT INFECTION caused by better cleaning, which is another reason for the growing popularity of the elderly population.

But that's not all. Other people in the bathroom industry say that the bidet is catching up with the luxury ... a way to upgrade the last "fortress" that has not yet been upgraded: toilet . Indeed, you can find the bidet attachment, handheld bidet sprayer and TRVEL BIDET with many spa luxuries Of the seats, from digital temperature control and "precision" heater dryers to even motion-activated covers. 

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