How Is The Status Of The Bathroom?

How is the status of the bathroom?


HAND BIDET SPRAYER.pngBathroom specifications are not uniform to limit the development of the industry. Due to the inconsistent specifications of domestic housing toilets, leading to consumer demand for product differences, it is difficult to achieve large-scale production. This is the basic reason for limiting the rapid growth of leisure sanitary ware. Leisure bathroom industry insiders hope that the relevant state departments can introduce relevant policies as soon as possible, in the bathroom specifications to develop a unified standard, create favorable conditions for the development of the leisure bathroom industry.

The lack of uniform industry standards, an industry that lacks product quality standards means that it is difficult to form a barrier to entry, and merchants are rushing in to seize market share. The healthy development of the sanitary ware industry is inseparable from the formulation and implementation of product quality standards. The failure to accurately predict market trends and the status quo of SMEs is related to the short history of the sanitary industry and the lack of industry precipitation. The lack of experience of business owners and their unfamiliarity with brand operation methods can not accurately predict market trends. Simple personality, functional supremacy is the principle of consumption, and the new enjoyment of comfortable bathroom is also highly respected by people.

The philosophy that many designers pursue is to make everything simple and simple to be convenient. This minimalist trend has precisely catered to the psychology of many young people, so the bathroom equipment has become direct and simplest. The washbasin is no longer blindly pursuing the luxury of marble countertops; toilets are no longer bulky and bulky; more and more rational consumers do not consider the area of their own bathroom, but to install a large bath or shower room . Simple is equal to convenience, this minimalist trend just cater to the psychology of many young people, so sanitary ware has become direct and "the most simple." Minimalist style began to be popular.