How To Buy Qualified Water-saving Bathroom Products?

How to buy qualified water-saving bathroom products?


BIDET TOILET HOT AND COLD.pngBuying water-saving bathroom products, the election is very important to the brand, a market-tested brand, quality and service will be included in it. By looking at the whole, surface, and weight, we can basically judge the quality of the bath products and the production process. Look at the whole is mainly to see the shape to be more smooth; touch the surface, the toilet is to touch it's S bend inside the glazing, if you do not glaze is not qualified, the tap on the coating with your finger, if the fingerprint can not be quickly eliminated, then Prove that the quality is not good. In general, after high-temperature firing of ceramics, and pure copper, alloy faucet, get up there will be a heavy feeling, if you feel very light, then there is likely to be quality defects. Many businesses have a toilet water demonstration platform in the store. For the average consumer, you can make full use of this demonstration platform. You can do your own experiments before buying to see if the water volume and the discharge capacity meet the standards.

To judge the grade of the bathroom, choose the bathroom material that suits you. Materials are the main factors affecting the quality of sanitary ware. Different materials ultimately result in different quality results and prices are different. There are various types of bathroom panels. Different types of bathroom panels have their own advantages. The panel quality of the bathroom will directly affect the future use. When choosing the bathroom panel, in addition to choosing the style according to the style of the house and your own preferences, be sure to recognize the characteristics of the material so that you can find the panel that suits you. At the same time, environmental protection must meet E1 standards.


Design style determines a certain visual effect. The design style of the bathroom should be consistent with the design style of the home, especially the style of the part that communicates with the dining room, living room, etc. should be the same. Specifically, it is necessary to integrate with restaurants and living rooms in terms of colors, materials, and shapes. For example, if the overall family design is based on warm colors, the color of the overall kitchen should also be selected as warm colors; if the overall style is relaxed and lively, the style of the kitchen can also be relatively flexible. Lines and surfaces can also be more changes.