How To Choose Sprayer?

How to choose Sprayer?


BIDET SPRAYER FOR TOILET.jpgSpecification of sprayer selection under different conditions of use. In actual projects, due to improper selection of sprayers, the phenomenon of mistakes is more prominent. Different uses and models of sprayers have different conditions of use and installation. The selection, installation method and rational orientation of the sprayers will directly affect the nozzle's operation time and water distribution effect. When the ceiling is not set at the installation site, and the water distribution pipeline is arranged along the girder, the flow of fire heat will spread horizontally after it rises up to the ceiling. In this case, only upright nozzles are installed upwards to enable the hot air flow to contact and heat the sprayer thermal element as soon as possible. When there is a ceiling in the room, the sprayers will be placed close to the ceiling or buried in the ceiling, so it is suitable to use a pendent or ceiling type sprinkler, otherwise the ceiling will block the sprinkler distribution.

The use of modern daily necessities and office supplies such as a large number of decorative materials and household appliances has brought about new characteristics such as rapid spread of fire, large amount of harmful gas generation, and increased value of property loss, which has raised the working efficiency of automatic sprinkler systems. Requires fast response sprayers. To prevent the mixing of different sprayers from adversely affecting the startup and operation of the system. In the same compartment, nozzles with the same thermal performance, specifications, and mounting methods should be used.


When designing an automatic sprinkler system, it is required that the number of sprinkler spares be provided in the design data so that when the system is put into use, it can be replaced when the sprinkler is damaged due to fire or other reasons, and the time for the system to return to the standby state can be shortened.