How To Use A Bidet

How to use a bidet?

It is common to sit in many parts of the world, and if you have ever been in the United States, and even somewhere in the United States, you may have met one. The bidet is usually a basin near the bathroom toilet used to clean yourself after using the toilet or when you need to clean or clean the genitals and anus area. At first, you may feel a little guilty because you may not be sure how to use the bidet properly, but these fixtures are very hygienic and are not difficult to use at all.

bidet.jpgStep 1: Always use the toilet before using the bidet. A bidet is to help you wash your hands and clean the toilet after using it, but the fixture is not an actual toilet. Some use the toilet without a toilet paper, some use toilet paper and bidet, some use the bidet, and then dry with a towel.

Step 2: sit or sit on the bidet. Using a separate device with a bidet, you can choose to face the control of water or face away from the control of a choice similar to sitting on the toilet. When you really face the control on the bidet, it is easier to open and close the nozzle, or adjust the water temperature or flow on some models. If you have pants, you may need to delete them before you can correctly cross the bidet. With a variety of models and bidet configurations, you will need to view the bidet being used to determine the correct ride or sitting.

Step 3: Adjust the water temperature and the strength of the jet so that you feel comfortable with these areas. Some of the bidets provide hot and cold water, and if so, then you should first turn on the top control. Once you have hot water, then slowly turn cold water control until you have a comfortable water temperature. If you are in a warmer climate, then you may want to reverse this order, because even if the faucet's water will become very hot.

Step 4: Move until you are in a position so that you can spray the area you want to clean. Some models can let you sit down, you can sit down or sit down. The little bidet has a real seat, but you can sit on the edge of the bidet, rather than squatting on it. Some bidet models do not provide water jets, but have a faucet that fills a basin similar to a sink.

Step 5: Use the help of the hands to clean the genital area or the anal area with a jet or a filling pool. Clean your genital or anal area, just like a shower or a bath.

Step 6: Dry. You can use toilet paper or towels to dry. Often, you will find a towel around a bidet that surrounds the towel, which may be dry with your hands or rain area, and even after flushing the bidet after use, wipe off any water on the fixture.