How To Use The Bidet Correctly?

How to use the bidet correctly?


BIDET WATER TEMPERATURE.jpgThe bidet is very popular in Europe, Latin America and East Asia. The original purpose of the bidet is to clean it after going to the toilet, put the bidet on the toilet or on the sitz. Then sit on the bidet and clean it with water, such as the anus and the lower body. Many bidets are equipped with a towel to dry the lower body or wipe the hands, and sometimes it can be used to wipe the surrounding splashed water after cleaning the edge of the basin. After using the bidet, rinse it off with water to keep it clean.

Washing your hands with soap and water is like washing your hands after a meal. Some countries are especially known for using a bidet. South Korea, Japan, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Turkey, Argentina and other countries. Some of the bidets are electronically controlled, or there are control switches next to you, and some have no electronic control. They are manual foam balls. The bidet can be used to clean the anus, but it can also be used by women to wash the lower body.

People with reduced mobility, such as the elderly, the handicapped, or the patients who are uncomfortable and unsafe with a bath or shower, can use a bidet to keep them clean. The bidet is especially helpful to people suffering from acne, as it reduces the number of re-wiping needs. Be very careful when adjusting the temperature and flow of the bidet. Avoid scalding sensitive skin, and high and low water flow can cause strong skin irritation.