What Is Bedit

Bidet Shower

A bidet shower (also known as "bidet spray", "bidet sprayer" or "healthy faucet") is a hand-held trigger nozzle, similar to a kitchen sink sprayer that can spray water to help the anus after defecation and voiding And clean the genitals. Compared with the toilet in the bidet, the bidet shower must be held in the hand, the cleaning will not be carried out automatically. In the country where water is necessary for the cleaning of the anus, the bidet shower is common.

Disadvantages include the possibility of wetting the user's clothes if used improperly. In addition, the user must reasonably move and use the hand-held bidet.

Conventional or standalone bidet

The bidet is a sanitation device that is installed as a separate unit in the bathroom, except for the bathroom, shower and sink, the user must cross. Some of the bidets are similar to a large basin, and the faucet and stopper can be filled; the other design has a nozzle to spray a burst of water to help clean.

Add-on Bidet

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