What Is The Function Of The Bidet?

What is the function of the bidet?


The bidet is also called a bath and a bath machine. The feature is a large circular cavity with an edge and a small semi-circular cavity communicating with the pelvic cavity, and the lower part is connected with a cone-shaped basin seat. The advantage of the bidet is that the bath is comfortable, easy to wash, and the water is not easy to splash when bathing; the bathing habit can be adhered to and the health care effect can be improved; and the women, especially the middle-aged and the elderly or the patients, sit in the bath and take a stand conveniently, and do not need long time under the trouble.


A bidet is provided with a pedestal in the pedestal; the pedestal is relatively parallel with two semi-circular shapes. There is a support leg between the seat and the bottom of the peloid, and the space between the pedestal and the body of the basin communicates with each other. . Since there is a pedestal in the bidet, when the basin is filled with water, the pedestal is immersed in water so that when sitzing in the basin, the inconvenience caused by the squat bather can be avoided and the bath time is maintained, especially The elderly or poor bathers are very convenient to use; the structure is simple and practical. In the utility model, the heater and the temperature controller are installed, the water temperature can be maintained, the bathing time and the bathing temperature can be ensured and prolonged. Especially, the use of the medicine bathing treatment can improve the effect of the bathing therapy.


The bidet is both hygienic and prevents inflammation of the lower body and reduces the incidence of lower body diseases. For those who suffer from acne, long-term adherence to sitz bathes can relieve acne pain and can also relieve symptoms. Postoperative patients can help promote wound healing by bathing and prevent wound infection. Maternal bathing often relieves acne and avoids squeezing the baby. There are two types of health care bidets, one is a bidet that can be placed on the toilet, and the other is a one-piece type. The bottom of the basin is designed with a spray head, which can achieve lower body surfing, atomization fumigation, bubble massage, ozone Sterilization. Cleanse people's lower body more effectively. It helps greatly in accelerating local blood circulation.