What Is The Toilet?

What is the toilet?


SIMPLE BIDET COLD WATER WASHING.pngToilets, belonging to a sanitary appliance in the field of building drainage materials. The main technical feature of the utility model toilet is: in the existing toilet, the upper opening of the S-type trap, a cleaning plug is installed, similar to the installation of the inspection port or the cleaning port on the drainage pipeline to clean up the clogging, the toilet is deposited After plugging, the user can use this cleaning plug to remove the clogged material conveniently, quickly and hygienically, which is economical and practical.

The toilet bowl, which uses the human body to take a sitting style, is divided into a flush type and a siphon type. Siphon type is divided into jet siphon type and vortex siphon type. According to the structure, toilet can be divided into two separate toilets and one-piece toilet. In general, the separated toilet takes up more space, and the one-piece toilet takes up less space. In addition, the shape of the split toilet should look more traditional and the price is relatively cheap. The one-piece toilet should look new and upscale, and the price is relatively high.

A toilet brush is a hero that keeps the toilet clean. However, if it is not cleaned and dried, it can become a source of pollution. After each brushing of the dirt, the brush will inevitably be contaminated with dirt. It is best to flush it with water, rinse it, drain the water, spray the disinfectant, or soak it regularly with a disinfectant solution and put it in a suitable place. . Experts suggest that it's best to hang up on the toilet brush, not in the corner, or in an airtight container.


Most families will set up a wastebasket beside the toilet to store used toilet paper, but this will cause bacteria to spread with the air, because few people can clean it at any time, at least for a day or two, and the longer it will take The more bacteria that grow. Toilet paper should be thrown into the toilet to flush away. As long as it is not too thick and too tough, toilet paper can generally soften quickly in water, so there is no need to worry about clogging. When you need it, it is okay to have a hygienic bag. There is no need to set up a waste basket. If you must use it, you must also choose to use a lid to prevent bacteria from spreading and deal with used toilet paper in time.