Who Uses Bidets?


The bidet can be used by both men and women. Bidet attachment, handheld bidet and portable bidets can provide users with hands-free and high-quality washing, instead of toilet paper wipe and occasionally stimulate the action.

The valuable assistance to personal hygiene, the bidet in the elderly, disabled and athletic athletes suffered more and more popular, can not control the body's function.

who use a bidet attachment.jpg

More importantly, these bidets attachment can and should be used by healthy people, hoping to stay healthy and feel really clean.

I know that I bought one, I was male and American. After this sense of cleanliness, you will never return to toilet paper except for dryness, but if you take a bidet with a dryer, you do not have to dry yourself with paper. The best thing to know is that you personally contribute to the protection of our forests.

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