Why Use A Bidet

Why Use A Bidet?

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Water Cleans You Better Than Toilet Paper--Water cleans you more effectively than dry paper. But you already know.

A New Way of Comfort--Bidet provides a more comfortable cleaning experience than using toilet paper. Cleaning with toilet paper often causes wear on sensitive areas of the person. Plus toilet paper may contain perfume that may cause further irritation.

Eco-friendly--By reducing the consumption of our toilet paper, we can reduce your overall paper waste.

More hygienic - cleaning with water more efficiently and reduces the chances of bacterial germination. In fact, only toilet paper can spread bacteria across an area as apposed to cleaning it away! The use of bidets can also provide hands-free experience - hands stay in your lap, bidets seat below you. It is hands-free.

For women and new mothers-menstrual periods can often give rise to premature feelings. Washing yourself with water will help you feel clean. Mothers who have recently given birth may be particularly sensitive in this regard. Using the bidet washing function can be a more comforting and relaxing way to go.