Non Electric Bidet Installation

Non Electric Bidet Installation
*Model NO.: ALB8001DCA-P *Type: Left-handed Bidet Attachment *Nozzle: Dual Nozzles *Payment Term: TT30% before production, TT70% before shipment *Lead Time: 20-35 days for the first order.
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Aquatown Original Design Left-handed Cold Water Bidets with Butt Cleaning ALB8001DCA-P


ALB 8001DCA-P is Non-electric cold water toilets bidet for LEFT HAND USING. Using water pressure alone, our bidet attachment is no require any battery or electricity. Providing fresh water only, standaridied connections attached directly to your existing cold water supply. Our ALB 8001DCA-P will be installed in the LEFT SIDE of toilets. For some toilets are closed to the left side, so there is no too much space to install a bidet. We are the ONLY supplier who have left-handed toilets bidets. Itis dual nozzle, one is for women frontal cleanin. The rear spray is a little stronger, the frontal spray for women is gentler and softer, especially suitalbe for pregant, kids and elder people. 

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Details of Non Electric Bidet Attachment ALB 8001DCA-P

Model NO.ALB8001DCA-P
TypelEFT-HANDED Toilets Bidet
Color White
NozzleDual nozzle, retractable and removable.
FunctionsButt cleaning, Left-handed
Valve HousingIntegrative all plastic material
Main MaterialABS Plastic
Packaging for   bidets1 bidet/inner box, 10 bidets/carton
Item Weight0.9KG
FittingMost one piece and two pieces toilets
Bateries   Required? No

Features of Left-handed Toilet Bidets ALB 8001DCA-P


--Dual Nozzle SpraysThis toilet bidet is with dual nozzles, one is for women frontal cleaning. The 7 holes nozzle spray for women can provide a softer and gentler cleaning, especially suitable for pregant, kids and elder people. 

--Water Pressure Control. The water pressure can be controlled by using the control knob. For the first use, you'd better to turn a quarter turn to try the water pressure. 

--Nozzle self-cleaning. The spout self-cleans and sanitizes, and it retracts when not in use to ensure that you get a sanitary, hygiene as well as a gentle, safe and very thorough cleansing experience.

--Removable Nozzles. The angle of nozzle can be adjusted according to your requirements. 

--Retractable Nozzles. The retractable nozzles drops to spray when the bidet is turned on. When no water is running, the nozzles will remain and protected for cleanliness. Above all, sprayer offers refreshing personal hygiene wash like no other.

--Mounting Adjustable Plate. Our toilets bidet can fits into most of one piece and two pieces toilets in the market. The adjustable plate will provide you a wide installation's range. 

--Chroming Surface and Knobs. We use the chroming surface and knobs instead of plastic one, it looks more modern and luxury. 

Dual Retractable Nozzles.JPG

Our Toilet Bidet Advantages.

--Patented Design--Unibody Plastic or Brass Valve Housing. Compared to another supplier, our construction for valve housing is integrative and simple. This constructions will greatly decrease the leaks of water, no leaking is the basis. Also, we innovate the ALL BRASS material for valve. It was sealed by laser, the stronger construction will decrease the leaks as well as. 

--For Left Hand Using.Our ALB8001DCA-P toilets bidet is used for left-handed person. Also, some toilets in the bathroom are too closed to the right side, so there is no enough space for you to install a bidet. Our left-handed bidet attachment can be installed in the Left Side. 


FAQs of Aquatown Left-handed Toilet Bidets.

--Does it clean front or back?

Ruby: With two nozzles, one is for rear cleaning, one is for women frontal cleaning. 

--Left hand?

Ruby: Yes. This model allows you to installed in the left side of toilet, and used by left-handed person. 

--Is there a way to control the nozzle angle?

Ruby: Yes, there is adjustable nozzle. Just using your hand to adjust the angle of nozzles. 

--Does this model can provide warm water?

Ruby: No, it doesn't. This model just can provide the fresh water. 

--Is this item come with T-adaptor?

Ruby:Yes, of course. 

--Is this only right-handed? I need a left-handed.

Ruby: No, this is LEFT-HANDED. It is for left-handed person. 

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