Bidet Nozzle Cleaning

*Model NO.: AB8000-P
*Type: Bidet Nozzle Cleaning
*Payment Term: Only 30% Deposit
*Min. Order Quantity: 500pcs
*Lead Time: It just needs 25 days
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Auatown Manufacturer Cold Water Bidet Nozzle Cleaning  AB8000-P


1. How To Install A Cold Bidet Attachment?

1) Remove the existing toilet seat, clean the toilet seat

2) Turn off the water valve and flush the water tank

3) Connect the T-adaptor to water supply line and fill adaptor under toilet tank

4) Connect the cold water supply line from the wall to the bottom of the T-adaptor

5) Connect one end of the bidet hose to the remaining open side of the installed T-adaptor

6) Put the bidet nozzle cleaning on the toilet seat, adjust the brackets to a suitable position.

7) Replace the toilet seat on the top of bidet, screw the toilet seat.

8) Connect open end of bidet hose to the connection on the back side of the bidet nozzle cleaning. 

9) Turn on the water supply and check leaks.

1. Features of Bidet Nozzle Cleaning AB8000-P

Cold water bidet-AB8000.jpg

2. Dimension of Attachable Bidet for Toilets AB8000-P

Our original cold water bidet attachment can fit into most of one-piece and two piece toilet seat. 

 bidet SIZE.jpg


Cold water bidet.jpgPlastic bidet-AB8000.jpg

3. Compare the model of Attachable Bidet for Toilet 

Bidet models AB8000.jpg

4. Detailed Information of Cold Bidet Attachment with Nozzle Cleaning

AB-8000 侧面.jpg

1) Adjustable to Fit into most one piece and two piece toilets

Adjustable mounting plates allow the bidet to be securely screwed into place between the toilet bowl and seat. This attachable bidet will attached to most of one piece and two piece toilets. 

2) Retractable Nozzle always keep clean

When no water is working to the attachable bidet, the nozzle will remain retracted and under double protection behind the nozzle guard gate.

3) Control Water Pressure Easily

The water pressure control knob features a chrome-plated that allow users to adjust water pressure according to your personal quirements. With clearly defined setting, helpful for children and elder people. 

4) Quality Valve and Valve Housing

We use the high-pressure ceramic valve to withstand the high water pressure, the all brass or plastic valve housing is our patented design, which can decrease the leaks of water. 

5) Warranty

12 or 18 Months warranty, we will provide you the quality attachable bidets and better after-service. OEM can be accepted, we have a professional designer team can work the attachable bidet with you. 

6) Accessories of Cold Bidet Attachment

We can provide you the different accessories according to your requirements. PU tube or stainless hoses, plastic or brass tee adaptor. American market use 15/16'' and 9/16'' tee adaptor; Asian market use 1/2'' brass tee adaptor; European use 3/8'' tee adaptors. 


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