Bidet Attachment Uk

Bidet Attachment Uk
*Cold water bidet attachment *Single nozzle, nozzle retractable and removable *All Brass inside material *Min. order quanity is 500pcs *OEM & ODM can be accepted
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Cold Water Bidet Attachment With Single Nozzle From Aquatown Manufacturer AB500SCA-B

This Aqutown Cold Water Bidet Attachment AB500SC-B is non-electric, mechanical and economic. Single nozzle with 5 nozzle hole design for softer and more comfortable wash. The water control chroming knob is easily adjust the pressure according to personal requirements. Self-cleaning, high water pressure for better cleaning after/before use. We use the high-pressure valve faucet, all brass integrative inside part, which can decrease the leaks of water. This bidet attachment provide cold water only, softer spray for you have a fresh experience. The installation of cold water bidet attachment is really quickly and easily. It can be installed in 15 mins by using screwdriver and wrench. The replacement of manual handheld mounted jet sprayer. Enjoy the premium and luxury bathroom.

1. Cold Water Toilet Bidet Attachment AB500SCA-B

This Cold Water Toilet Bidet Attachment-AB500SCA-B is Aquatown 2017 new design, it is non-electric mechanical bidet, only cold water option. High quality, Using ceramic or metal core and patent design-Integrative all brass valve housing to decrease the leakage by 99%. 

Cold bidet AB500SC.jpg

2. Specification of Cold Water Toilet Bidet Attachmen AB500SCA-B

Model NO.


TypeCold Water Bidet Attachment
MaterialABS Plastic
KnobChroming Knob, Water Pressure Control and Self-clean.
NozzleSingle Nozzle, Retractable and Removable
Inside ConstructionAll BRASS Valve Housing
Brass/Plastic T-adaptor, Stainless/Plastic T-adaptor.

3. Detailed of Cold Water Toilet Bidet Attachment AB500SCA-B


Cold bidet-AB500SC toilet.jpg


The Cold Bidet Attachment is using Chroming knob instead of plastic knob, to gradually adjust spray pressure rather than a "switch". Adjustable water pressure for easy wash and nozzle self-cleaning for healthy wash.



Nozzle retractable to protect nozzles, the angle of nozzle can be adjusted according to your requirements. Its removable nozzle is great for easy cleaning. 



We use the high quality Ceramic/Mental valve to withstand high water pressure, especially in American and Canadian markets. The integrative inside constructions is our patented design, decrease the leaks of water. It is for safty wash, this is the most different between us and another companies.

4. Fitting Of Cold Bidet Attachment AB500SCA-B

The Cold Water Toilet Bidet Attachment is easy and straight installtion. Evrything you needed was included in the box, except a wrench to tighten the connerctors. Aquatown Cold Water Toilet Bidet Attachment fits almost 1 piece and 2 pieces toilet. 

toilets fits.jpg

5. Bidet Application

Bidet attachments, bidets sprayer, portable bidets for Industry use are widely used in the following industry:

---Every house,




The bidet attachments, handheld bidet sprayers, portable or travel bidets can be a good friend with people, especially people with Hemorrhoides, Constipation, Diarrhea, Hypertension, Obesity, Restricted mobility, Infirm with age.

bidet applications.jpg

6. Production & Packing



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